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What Makes Customers Loyal to a Brand?

What is customer loyalty? What makes customers want to keep coming back to a brand? Companies should continue to ask themselves these questions as they update and improve their marketing strategies. Although the reasons for customer loyalty may vary depending on the company and throughout the customer lifecycle, it is important to understand what makes customers committed to a brand. A customer that is loyal will continue to buy your product or service over and over again, but the level of commitment may vary amongst your customers. The level of commitment is driven by motivators such as price, value, experience, convenience, etc. The more motivators you provide your customers, the stronger their loyalty level will be. 

How to Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value and Loyalty

Today’s consumers are smarter than ever, which means corporations have a greater responsibility to ensure they are providing lifetime value to encourage customer loyalty. There is a greater desire for accountability with business practices, and it is also important to support communities outside the financial aspect of the business. You can increase customer lifetime value and loyalty in numerous ways, such as making your products or packaging eco-friendly, using ethical principles, focusing on solid customer service, being honest and showing integrity to customers, engaging with them on social media, and providing top notch customer loyalty rewards programs to give back to the customer for their loyalty to you.

Factors That Influence Brand Loyalty


Ask yourself what benefit your products or services have for your customers? Do they solve a problem? Do they meet a need? Do they provide entertainment to your customers? Are they important and useful? You should be able to answer “yes” to all or most of these questions when you consider your products or services. How do the advantages of your products compare to your competitors? What makes you stand out as the better choice? These questions are very relevant today, perhaps, more than ever.


Similar to value, quality is extremely important. Ask questions such as how do your customers view your products or services? Do your products or services meet their expectations? Are you able to exceed these expectations? Whether your brand is a luxury brand or not, what you are offering to your customers needs to meet basic requirements—they need to solve a problem and satisfy a want. 


Consumers continue to buy from a particular company when they have a good experience in the store or with their online site. Customers remember the good and bad experiences in addition to first impressions of the products or services. This factor plays a huge role in whether or not a customer purchases again from that company, so it is important to be sure that you create a culture of genuine care and interest in your customers’ enjoyment.


If you want loyal customers, you should also consider how to make their shopping experience simpler. Customers often choose a certain product at a store because it’s local and convenient for them to get to, even if this means spending a little more. If the price difference is worth the convenience to shop locally and save time, customers will consider it worth it.


Price is important, but it is not the ultimate determining factor when a customer makes a decision. If your customers are only focused on your price, you will have a difficult time winning them over. There will always be someone out there who can beat you with a better price, or, you’ll have to lower yours so much that you will lose out in the long run. Make sure that your products or services are affordable, but ensure that there are other motivators leading them to buy what you have to offer.


Do your products or services bring back memories of your consumers’ past? If they do, customers will be more motivated to buy from you again and stay loyal to you above your competitors. If the experience and quality holds up to their expectations, you will have a greater chance of gaining customer loyalty.

Customer Service

Your company should have quality and consistent customer service. This is the key to making sure each customer is treated with value and importance. Although online communication can be less personal than face-to-face interaction, word-of-mouth is still a driving factor. If you treat your customers well, they will return the favour. Be there as a support, continue to provide quality service and care, and keep them excited about your offers. Focus on retaining the customers you already have, and don’t neglect them in your pursuits to gain more.

Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Discounts and special offers are a huge reason for brand loyalty. Customer rewards apps and programs help them stay loyal by providing incentives for them to stick around. You can reward your customers for their business, and provide a good experience by making the relationship mutually beneficial. If they are getting a good deal for their loyalty, they won’t have a reason to take their business elsewhere.

Social Proof

Consumers are typically more loyal to a brand if they feel like the company is socially responsible. Your business should share the values of your customers and give back to the community. If your business is enjoyed by a consumer’s network, family, and friends you will also have a better chance of keeping all of them involved. What your consumers’ friends think about your business is a positive motivator for consumers, and a benefit to your marketers when they use refer-a-friend promotions.

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Written by Kangaroo Rewards on Thursday November 23, 2017

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