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What Is a Coalition Loyalty Program and Why Is It Important?

What Is a Coalition Loyalty Program?

A coalition loyalty program is a system that offers rewards to customers of two or more companies in exchange for allowing those companies to collect user data. These loyalty rewards programs are most commonly used by small- and medium-sized businesses because they allow businesses to offer their customers cost-effective benefits that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to offer on their own. 

Why would you want to share your customers with another business? Well, think about it this way: for one, you won’t be sharing your customers at all since the business you partner with won’t necessarily be a competitor. And two, the flexibility you’ll be able to offer consumers is unparalleled compared to companies who offer loyalty programs that are applicable to their company, and their company alone. Customers will be much more likely to join your loyalty program if they know they’ll be able to earn and redeem their points and rewards at some of their other favourite retailers. If you want to learn more about why a coalition loyalty program might be the right move for your business, keep on reading. 

The Importance of Coalition Loyalty Programs

Coalition loyalty programs have become immensely popular, and for a good reason. Brands have realized the power in leveraging the loyalty of others—they can benefit from heightened levels of engagement, increased value, and even the enhanced success of their own loyalty programs. Apple and Android Pay have revolutionized the way that many people pay for things when shopping, and the ability to have mobile wallets offers them even more convenience. Coalition loyalty programs give businesses who don’t necessarily have the means to be added to these mobile wallets on their own the ability to do it with the help of a partner. They support small- and medium-sized businesses, in a world where large corporations tend to dominate, because of the versatility and convenience they can offer. 

Kangaroo's Coalition Loyalty Program for Your Business

If you’re looking to grow your customer base and reward your loyal customers with one-of-a-kind brand experiences, Kangaroo Rewards can help. We offer a variety of customer loyalty program solutions through our platform that are suitable for your business and can help you retain customers in an automated way, with minimal effort and at an affordable cost. Enhance your brand with the help of Kangaroo Rewards’ coalition loyalty platform today; by partnering with another business, you’ll be able to offer customers outstanding rewards that’ll foster stronger customer relationships with your brand. Contact us today to request a live demo and learn more about how we can help you launch your coalition loyalty program.

Written by Kangaroo Rewards on Tuesday October 24, 2017

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