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How Kangaroo Rewards' Loyalty Program Can Help Your Business

Loyalty programs offer incredible financial returns by encouraging customers to visit more often and spend more when they visit your store. Not every business can use the same loyalty program, and that’s why taking a customized approach is best. Kangaroo Rewards offers its clients unique loyalty programs that meet their goals and work to attract customers and keep them coming back. Here are some of the ways different customer loyalty programs work for a handful of businesses, and how Kangaroo Rewards’ program features can help you.

customer_loyalty_program Businesses That Benefit from Customer Loyalty Programs

Restaurants, Cafes, Bistros, and Bakeries

Repeat business is important for restaurants and cafes, as your bottom line depends on it. Returning customers outspend new ones by 67%, and a loyal fan base can help you get free advertising through recommendations online and by word-of-mouth. Customer retention programs can benefit these businesses by implementing points to rewards programs, membership benefits, referral programs, exclusive deals and promotions, e-mail marketing, mobile push notifications, gamification, check-in prizes, and more!

Grocery Stores

A great way to get customers returning to your grocery store is to provide them with something they cannot get at your competitors. For example, you can encourage customers to sign up for your store’s points card or point-accumulating MasterCard or Visa to earn points when they shop at any of your locations. When they earn a certain number of points, you can send them a text or e-mail notification, or have the cashiers alert them that they can redeem those points for cash or free groceries. 

Healthcare and Fitness

Customer loyalty is a high priority for healthcare and fitness businesses. With the large number of competitors out there, customers can easily switch brands and take their business elsewhere. A great way to keep customers around, and gain more customers, is to boost customer service programs and to set up customer rewards programs to give them incentives to stay loyal. Better customer loyalty makes everyone’s job easier, makes customers happy, and leads to more referrals as patients and customers share their good experiences with their friends and family.

Salons & Spas

In today’s competitive market, it’s important to acknowledge loyal customers. Salons and spas can implement customer loyalty programs to create incentives, opportunities, and show appreciation to guests and clients. Customers can join the mailing list to receive special offers and exclusive deals, or they can redeem points every time they visit a salon to receive a complimentary manicure or massage after a designated number of visits, for example.

Florists & Gift Shop

Customer rewards programs for florists and gift shops can reward customers with benefits such as points on arrangements or services, incentives like “refer a customer and get 200 points,” or “buy four bouquets, get one free.” It also helps you stay connected to your customers and inform them of special offers and deals.

Boutiques & Retailers

Business to customer (B2C) solutions allow you to rebuild that one-on-one relationship even though your business has grown. Omnichannel marketing strategies as well as customer loyalty rewards programs boost communication between you and your customers, and give them incentives to keep shopping from your store. Customers need to feel important and you can boost your sales by rewarding them for their business. Customers loyalty programs for boutiques and retailers include points cards, app discounts, e-mail coupons, and more.

Pet Shops

Customer loyalty programs can benefit your pet store by rewarding customers with points on select pet supplies, and offering incentives that save them money or earn them points. Loyalty programs can increase traffic, customer spending, and encourage word-of-mouth referrals.

E-Cigarettes & Vape Stores

Alternatives to smoking cigarettes have become increasingly popular, especially among younger people. If your store sells e-cigarettes or vapes, you can benefit from providing extra incentives for customers to come back. For example, if they buy an e-cigarette from your store, they will need e-juice to put into the vape, plus some additional accessories. Since e-juice comes in many flavours, you can encourage customers with an offer such as “buy one 100ml bottle and get two 30ml bottles for free” so they can try new flavours and keep coming back to you for refills. Coils, cotton, and batteries are also some items customers will need to buy to maintain their e-cigarette. You can include these at a discount if they buy more than one at a time, or find other ways to encourage them to return to your store.

Kangaroo Rewards' Customer Rewards Program 

With Kangaroo Rewards’ customer loyalty platform, your business can benefit from the following features. 

Corporate Memberships

Corporate memberships allow businesses to offer their employees discount rates and special offers when they sign up for a membership. Take gyms, for example. This kind of program encourages more people to join the gym, and increases the likelihood that they will renew their membership in the years ahead. Gym memberships can be expensive, so by choosing customer loyalty programs like this, gyms will increase the chances of gaining new members.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This strategy manages all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. This can improve your profitability by encouraging better communication, and sharing important and useful data. CRM generally comes in the form of a system that helps with contact management, sales management, workflow processes, productivity, and more.

Customer Activity Tracking

Taking the time to understand who each of your customers are, what they purchase, and how frequently they purchase is just the beginning. It is also important to use this data to connect with them, and increase their loyalty to your business by providing them with benefits and incentives.

Gift Card/Loyalty Card System

Gift cards are a great way to boost sales and keep customers coming back. With branded gift cards and loyalty cards, buyer promotions and rewards, you will be able to give customers points towards special offers or discounts. If they like your products, half the work is done for you, but you can give that extra incentive by offering them something more than what they came for.

Build Customer Loyalty with Kangaroo Rewards

No matter what kind of customer loyalty program you choose for your specific business needs, engaging customers and rewarding them for their business goes a long way, and drives your bottom line. If you want your business to continue to grow, you should set up a loyalty program for your customers with Kangaroo Rewards’ software. Our platform can help you attract, engage, and retain customers in an automated way, with minimal effort and at an affordable cost. When you start leveraging your own customer database, you’ll be amazed at the results—Kangaroo Rewards helps you engage your customers and foster better customer experiences. Contact us today to request a live demo and learn more about how we can help you launch your customer loyalty program. For more information about out plans and pricing, visit our web site.

Written by Kangaroo Rewards on Monday January 15, 2018

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